Sunday, October 30, 2016

#4 Six Minute English

Is loneliness in our genes?

Lonely can help us to survive.

Loneliness is painful that tells us that we're isolated – or lacking contact with others – which motivates us to seek out companionship. in these situations being lonely may be a good thing, because it encourages you to be sociable, in other situations it may be useful to tolerate – or put up with – loneliness. it is an advantage to be able to tolerate high levels of loneliness and that is why the genes are maintained in the population. means you can tolerate being alone for a long time without feeling bad. 

The guestion of this article is which country has the highest proportion of people living on their own? Is it … 
a) the US
b) Japan 
c) Sweden

The answer is (c) Sweden

Living alone in Sweden is arguably the norm because it's so easy – there are many affordable single-occupancy apartments and young Swedes can expect to move into their own apartment once they graduate high-school.

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  1. Surprised. Sweden has the highest proportion of people living on their own.